Searching for Errors Using Datzilla

The Datzilla Search page is the interface where you can find any error report, comment, or patch currently in the Datzilla system. From the Datzilla home Page you can click on the link for Search existing error reports.

The Search page has controls for selecting different possible values for all of the fields in an error report. For some fields, multiple values can be selected. In those cases, Datzilla returns errors where the content of the field matches any one of the selected values. If no options are selected, then the field can take on any value.

The more options that you select, or enter, the narrower your search will be and fewer error will be returned. If all options on the page are left blank, or are deselected, then all error reports will be returned from the query. Basically, options should be entered to restrict your search to those errors that are of interest to you.

Once you've run a search you can save it as a Saved Search, which then appears in the page footer. selected one of your Saved Searches will then perform the query that you previously saved.